Sunday, May 14, 2006

Still immigration

Sometimes I wish I could move here, Nasa's concept of outer space colonies

Immigration again. The President will give a speech tomorrow night stating his intention of sending National Guard down to the Mexican border. I don't know what that means or what it will signify to the millions already here. I know Europe is pretty strict about the protection of their borders, but they've been doing it for many hundreds of years. Whether it is to protect against the French, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Barbarians, the Germans or the North Africans or even Islam, they (we?) have been at it since time immemorial. It is how frontiers were shaped and reshaped. So to the people it is no big deal, wheras here using mitilary units for national purposes invokes images of totalitarianism and total lack of the spirit of the Founding Fathers who, of course were busy invading somebody else's land. But that's another story.
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About phrase books in Memepool: "Mostly they are little marvels of pragmatic compression. But for that very reason, I like to find the occasional oddity-- sentences you can hardly conceive of ever using, little tidbits of inexplicability in an otherwise ruthlessly disciplined little work. Memepool does an overview of phrase books and picks up the weirdest sentences."
One of my favorites because related to Portugal
"Must I swallow them whole?
"Devo engoli-los inteiros? " WTF????


Blogger Publius said...

Actually, with the creation of the EU, Europe is doing a very poor job protecting their borders. This past summer I was in Germany and stayed in what is now a Muslim majority part of Frankfurt; the German government is not keeping people out and the German people did not seem too happy about it. It was the same in Italy and after last year’s riots it would appear to be the same in France.
And to call on the Founding Fathers, it was their vision that citizens would protect the nation’s lands from people entering it illegally, and those citizen soldiers are today’s National Guard.
But, nice try.

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