Monday, May 22, 2006

Still Waters

Rob Gonsalves' Still Waters.
I understand Mr. Dionne's criticism in the WasPost of the attempt to make English the offical language of this country. I also understand that in large swaths of urban America, there are ghettoes where English as a culture and as a language are certainly not dominant. How are Hispanics assimilating? There seem to be as many statistics to defend any argument as there are arguments. We cannot compare this present wave of immigration to that of the beginning of the 20th century. We cannot invoke the few familiar hispanic names on the national scene. Actually we can, only to demonstrate how Hispanics are under represented in academia, in politics, in Hollywood, (in a city that is half hispanic, this underrepresentation is phenomenal!) on television, in finance. With the exception of mexican food which has been americanized so as to be unrecognizable to any proud mexican mother, it is actually pretty surprising how little impact Mexican culture has had in mainstream America.


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