Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Weekend

On the same day that over 4,000 people have so far died in a devastating earthquake, Angelina Jolie gave birth to a baby girl. Why did I turn faster to the news of the new child, cursed and blessed as she will be with such a burden. Why? Because I'm having a hard time coping with yet more mass suffering; because there is very little I am willing to do to help those that have in one moment lost house, family, everything. Because I can envision the birth of a child to wildly beautiful, rich and captavating parents, but more yet of the wailing of those men and women that were as cursed in their condition as this child was blessed. What just God would give so much to one and so little to so many?

To the creationists this comment by Thomas Huxley, in his debate with Bishop Wilberforce in 1858, after the appearance of The Origin of Species. From eyewitness reports of that debate it is clear that Wilberforce asked Huxley from which side of his family, his mother's or his father's, he was descended from an ape. Huxley said, "I would rather be descended from a humble ape than from a great gentleman who uses considerable intellectual gifts in the service of falsehood. "
From an
interview with Seth Loyd on the Edge.

As a soccer fan I'de better register the
schedule for the world cup on american tv.

A very interesting
critique of the book, Mommy Wars, directed at the Ivy Leaguers who can choose whether to work or not. Most women in America cannot. But those are hardly inetresting to read about. What, getting by? Who wants to read about that? Well maybe Barbara Einhriech, but she's a special case.

Mr. Red Paper Clip's trades just turned interesting. He traded an afternoon with Alice Cooper for a WTF? Kiss snow globe with, get this, variable speed. Whatever!! But it nade me re evaluate Kyle's value system. Right on Bro' !

Mr. Richard Rodriguez talks reality in
this WasPost Op-ed. The reality of Mex-America and how it is disarming for both Americans and Mexicans. How it isn't a one way road. But read it one must. Moisés Naím writes in another op-ed on the fluidity of international borders, from the ubiquitous ATM, to the international trade agreemnets, to the smugglinng going on across all frontiers. No wall will keep desperation out, not here in the US not in Europe. Maybe in wealthy Bahrain or Kuwait. How do they do it?


Blogger ScaramoucheX said...

Sorry, I haven't yet read your postings, but I will...I just wanted to communicate how I love the comment you wrote to me...excellent. Like a bit of lightning through darkening cloud...of course, 'le droit de seigneur', how truly apt.
Duke U, yes, the riotous enfranchised young white elite dancing on the dignity of other races - grotesque.
There's a flip side to my post, too, that, if we go to an event that's oriented more to blcack culture, say, a reggae dance, always the black men seem driven to hit on her, stare at her, right in my, 'this white fool already has everything else, he can't take our women, too'.
'Le droits de seigneur' rightly said,in this way...

Sincerely, Mon/seignour (M'sieur) Scaramouche

11:29 PM  

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