Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rocky mountain beauty
THis Waspost article brings to light the European struggle with the destitute from Africa trying to get into the land of milk and honey. And doubt not, Europefor all its secular humanism will put up a fortress and use every means at its disposal to protect itself. It has done so in the past and will continue to do so. It has been fighting back the "peaceful " Islamic troups that have over and over wanted to convert that space that is Europe by force. Again, I wonder why is it that the Islamic wealthy nations are not opening their arms to their god forsaken brethen. But in true honesty, intellectual honesty, this drive northward of the miserable and oppressed has its reasoning behind it. There are no easy solutions, but solutions have to come forth at one point or another. And it is not easy to disaentangle the complex web that is globalization. Globalization is not a one way street...
The New York Times covers the very ugly face of racism in the major league soccer clubs. Aagin globalization at work...
Kottke has a link that lists the dates and populations of cities through out history. Baghdad was the first city with a population of 1 ,illion and this was in 775. Amazing the turns the world takes.
I so miss the old megnut blog. It had what I thought was the best design of any blog around. I loved it and lived in envious jealousy of such a beautiful site. NOw I don't get it! It's about food and the lay out is nothing compared to the old one.
The bare numbers of AIDS victims in Africa in the next decade. 100 million. It is their black plague. Although the plague decimated over 1/3 of the European population in the 1400's and radically changed the economic reality in that continent, at the time there was no treatment for it. Now we have ways to impede its dissemination and we have the medications that make a life possible. Why? more millions must die. Botswana, the country with the highest rate of infection at one point was in danger of disappearing as a nation. This is truly tragic! Do we wonder why people want to leave those lands? Wouln't we?
My friend Sanzu and his mission to become a better man. You go bro' ! Don't you give up!
GPS art! I love it!
Don't forget the people's fair in downtown Denver this week-end!


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