Sunday, June 11, 2006

A bookshelf (will there be bookshelves?) in a future concieved by Wired

Please watch this short film called "the powers of ten". The endless possibilities of zeroes!! It is too awsome for words!!!
The rethinking of the "kleitoris", or little hill in Greek, which apparently and according to recent research is more like a mountain. But read on!
Rebecca's summer list of reading lists!!!
Solon's life by Plutarch. Thanks, Sanzu and keep it up!!I'm with you remember! Go to that f*cking gym if you have to drag yourself there.
A different more optimistic take on the immigrant debate, backed by solid statistics, on the WasPost.
The break down of earwax:For a more detailed analysis of the chemical composition of ear wax, one can do a little chromatography. About half of the dry weight of ear wax is lipid, and it consists of:
Cholesterol and cholesterol esters: 32.5%
Fatty acids: 22.7%
Ceramides: 18.6%
Squalene: 6.4%
Triacylglycerols: 3.0%
If you want to know more go to Pharyngula


Anonymous Sanzu said...

Solon is fascinating - also check pout Epictetus, if you haven'already.

Thanks for the support!

2:36 AM  

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