Wednesday, June 07, 2006

world cup day 1

Fellow country man Cristiano Ronaldo
According to this story in the Independent, in Iraq, if you don't like what a woman is doing, just murder her. When is violence against women going to carry serious consequences for the prepertrators? When will people realize that to oppress women is to oppress, their children, the future of any nation. Look around the world. What is wrong with religious fundamentalists the world over. What do they gain with the oppression of women? With the oppression of their mothers, sisters, wives, friends. Are men just plain evil?

The precursor to hip hop? Watch this weird Disney black version of Snow white. Mighty strange!
Robot wisdom I wouldn't say is anti semitic, but the site sure has a lot of links to one sided opinions on the Israeli-Paslestinian problem. And always against Israel.

Boing Boing is anti sports and Kottke is calling them on it, referring them to a site that well, I don't get it. Mike Monteiro must be Kottkle's friend. I figure he's at least of portuguese ascendency as I am but it still doesn't make much sense. To watch Pele, Maradona, Rosa Mota, Nadia Komanechi and the endless list of sports genius is to watch something that goes beyond the human body's effort. The will, endurence, creativity and pure genius of great athletles is not just a sport but an art form. You don't even have to go political, although there , sports has done much to advance great causes. And yeah, its fun! And one does not have to be a stupid moron to like to watch sport matches.

I will be all yeys and ears on the World Cup!
A link to the WasPost's take on the World Cup. Why has it not become very popular in America? It has few goals, it is very fast paced, with few allotments for commercials, little violence and an air of European snobishness to it. But above all, I believe is its incompatability with television transmission in America with the constant interruptions for commercials. Soccer is too much of a fluid game for such a medium.
A tutorial on soccer balls and their performance in the Rocky Mountain News


Blogger Iris Guerreiro said...

por cá, como deves calcular, está tudo em euforia...continuo sem perceber porque é que estão tão eufóricas quando tudo o resto não podia estar mais em crise!
fui ver ontem um filme sobre um miudo que era o anticristo e tinha nascido no dia 6/06/06, teve um final hilariante, onde o tutor dele acaba por ser o Bush (vai ver). Beijinhos

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