Friday, June 23, 2006

It's not offensive, it's just barbaric, and representative of English fottball mind set. So what?
A bit on the lazy side lately. Too much work, too much stress and all around exhaustion have taken their toll and this blog is among the first to have that reflected. But getting on, some goodies I've gotten to lately:
On soccer/football Monty Python's version.
An analysis of the Language log by the N.Y. Times.
One of the strangest stories I have read in quite some time: Bug chasers, the bareback phenomenon taken one step further. Bug chasers are not entomologists chasing after lady bugs. Oh! no! they are younguish gay men chasing after the HIV virus to be able to become part of the "fraternity".
A link to Noam Chomsky's talk at West Point which I inicially saw on c-span. Very impressive for both sides!
Robin Givhan, in her WasPost piece goes after Britney Spears' outfit in a Date Line interview. Apparently the journalist is not aware of the singer's target audience. Wasn't she dubbed (and I relunctanly use this insulting term) the queen of white trash? The girl to whom every trailer park dweller could relate to? The description given by Givhan makes me believe that the girl still has her targeted audience in mind when appearing on tv. And if that is the audience that gave her gazillions, well, no point on becoming a Fifth Avenue sophisticate. They wouldn't buy it anyway.
Krauthammer's piece on Australia begins humourously enough but slides into bizarre demagoguery on behalf of a country full of contradictions, of European cultural prdominance, but on the other side of the world, with the weight a a few billion people of radically different cultural backgrounds at its heels. It is perfectly feasable for a country with its number of inhabitants to be able to easily get in touch with high governement officials. It's wonderful that it stand up to Muslim extremists what with being neighbor to the world's most populous Muslim country. And it is sufficiently isolated to have the need to cuddle up to the major superpower in the world. Yes, it's a survival strategy, of a country that has quite a bloody history with the Aboriginal population and with siding with Ali Alatas in the Indonesian/Timor conflict.
It's wonderful that Tattered Cover Bookstore is moving into my neighborhood. It's terrible because in a couple of years I will no longer be able to afford to live her for that same reason. But hopefully by then I'll be living in the mountains.
The homeless and the Internet; Wired does an interesting story on it. I didn't know any of that.
It is Greek Festival Weekend. I have become through my professional contacts, enchanted with everything greek. Great people, great food (except the feta cheese) and beautiful islands. Plus their golden past. Anyway all good reasons to get there.


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