Sunday, June 25, 2006


PORTUGAL WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A rough violent game but one that nevertheless showed the spirit of this team. And where is the famous dutch tolerance. Not a bit on its players. The Netherlands were as a team extremely aggressive and sore loosers. Let'em go home!!!!

Next round England

Beckam vs Cristiano Ronaldo, who actually play in the same team, Manchester United. WoW

Foi um grande pequeno jogo. Pena que Deco tenha sido expulso. Pena que lesionassem o Criatiano Ronaldo. Mas estamos nos quartos de final e isso e muito fixe!!!!Como gostaria de estar a menos de 10,000 dessa euforia...enfim!!! Haja futebol!!!!


Anonymous Sanzu said...

The part of London I live in has a large (well a very loud) Portuguese community. Yesterday I was at home and first there were the muffled cries of delight from my neigbours when England won, and then when Portugal won suddenly you hear drums, trumpets and car horns in the distance. The next game should be "interesting"...

3:02 AM  

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