Friday, June 30, 2006

What to think of Brett Myers who beat his wife in public and was not denounced by the team coach. Great role model for kids. American sports have gotten way too violent outside of their range of play. These testosterone pumped men, almosrt freaks of nature, carry on in civil society as if the rulles don't apply to them. They murder, they beat, they rape and they get away with it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to the United States, in part because of the treatment she is getting from her country of asylum, the Netherlands. I have kept track of Ms. Ali's situation in this blog, and it is shameful that the Netherlands, apparently so tolerant a people, have managed to drive this great woman away. The governement has fallen in part because of this situation. Ms. Ali is coming to the United States where pragmatism reigns and people like her are not ostracized. She is coming to the conservative American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, where I hope she will continue to fight for Muslim women's rights.
"a rabbi-leaves-wife-for-ex-nun-but-blames-the-shrimp-and-not-the-sexual-attraction story " in Jewlicious is frankly delicious if not a tad sad.
Here is a contradiction in terms or an oxymoron. A Muslim man explaining on You Tube why women talk before thinking and men think befor speaking. He's all female, apparently, albeit a very hairy one.
A list of anti antonyms, that is words that have opposing meanings such as bolt, quantum and impregnable.
On the beauty premium, or why beautiful people get better wages than the rest of us.
Colorado legislators are coming back to work, I take it, to try to deal with illegal immigration. It makes no sense trying to legislate on something they have no information about namely, money spent by the state on illegal immigrants...oh it so smells of demagoguery...
Dialogues on the situation of the working poor. How Wal Mart effectively reversed Ford's pioneering policy of wages paying wages that would enable the workers to afford the merchandise, in this case, cars. Wal Mart is out pricing itself out of the class it depends on. Bad sign for them but also for a great number of Americans. Barbara Einhrich as usual goes to the point , efficiently.
Neat little snipet of Robin William's take on the Viagra Rush Limbaud fun fun
And finally Portugal-Englang is about 24 hours away. Yikes!!!


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