Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Decline and fall...

George Will in today Post op-ed calls government, not just this one I suppose, a "a teaspoon of pond water viewed under a microscope -- a teeming, disorderly maelstrom of sometimes rival life forms", with which I would tend to agree, changing just a little word; not water pond but petri dish....
Eugene Robinson has it just right in his op-ed; besides the fact that THIS scandal is so out there, so full of twisted and sick ironies, there is some spin out there trying to blame George Soros and his Foundation for the breaking open of the whole story. Ehy, it's blame the demon rum AND the Jew...the fact is it was a fully grown man , in a position of power, great power, it seems, that was sending e mails to minors with content for the prosecution of which, he helped write and promote legislation. And has been seen on TV with the clear and calm demeanor of someone who is at peace with himself calling people like him "sickos that deserve to be put away forever..." God, they really think that they are impune, don't they. This is starting to look more and more like the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Read your history folks and weep.


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