Friday, April 20, 2007

little tid bits (but big)

Anti-semitism today.
I cannot put this up too many times. The caption says (Don't worry, it only has a few leaves)

Qwerky and interesting diagrams of interconnectivity. World countries, American states and the most interesting the Bible.

What's going on with NASA? First an astronaut goes haywire and travels cross country to have it out with a colleague, over another colleague, now someone barricades themselves in a building and kills a hostage??? No. really, the most respected and revered agency this country probably had just lost its bearings. Not enough challenges? Too much slack? Not enough profiling? What's up with that. I loooked to NASA and thought, those are indeed the people with the "Right Stuff". Now!

Just another instituition in crisis. Ah the good old days!!

I am trying to find Twitter interesting but I don't really get it!! Meanwhile I'll keep posting.


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