Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August in the Hudson Valley

Moving is a bitch!!!
Yesterday, however I had an almost perfect day at the Minnewaska Park lake. Went blueberry picking with Judy and had a wonderful conversation, hung out and ate some of her home grown and home cooked potato beet salad.
Arghhh! The health care bill! Jon Steward is covering it rather well.
Salome and I are officially part of the Minnewaska Distance Swimmers Association. What a nice group of people.
Books: a lot of stuff on social service and health care history in America. Discovered a very interesting report on the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal and the results it has had. It is called "The Effects of Decriminalization of Drugs in Portugal " and it is authored by Caitlin Hughes and Alex Stevens. My Australian buddy at the Redfern Clinic, Andrew Byrne, has nothing but good things to say about the authors, one of whom he personnally knows.

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