Wednesday, June 01, 2011


two and a 1/2 years of non stop movement has left sequelae. I have no energy, no motivation, feel like sleeping and nothing else all day. The much promised vacation never came and I am still stuck in this house, having to get rid of some of the tchatchkes that I collected for 3 years.
Are we really in a depression and if we are, how am I going to live and find a job and make the money I need to make to pay back school loans. I have to come up with a plan. I need to find a business, write something, whatever it takes to make it over this slump that I am having. Meanwhile, life goes on. my nights either in a restless and creepy dream alternate reality and my days, an attempt to not go out of my mind. I have lost all motivation, agian I have lost all motivation. I finished a Master's and now I can barely do the dishes. Pathetic!

So I watched a Ram Dass Documentary and feel a bit better.

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