Saturday, May 28, 2011

death and life

Gil Scott Heron has died.The New Yorker did a beautiful piece on his life, art and hard living. His presence was intensely felt around the DC scene of which I was marginally part. He's found his peace.

Too many people of my past have recently died. Too young, too early. It started with Manuela Monforte, one of the most beautiful and classiest women I ever knew and it kept going.ben Masel was another part of my past that was intertwined with the very being of my soul. Your presence is needed in these days of rage and fear.

I then did an internship at Benedictine's Oncology Support Program, where I learned how ephemeral life is. I am grateful to all the women who taught me complementary ways of looking at the world, who taught me that when you loose someone and you open a drawer and find their handkerchief, all the pain returns, even years after. But you take that handkerchief and you give it away. Next time you open the drawer that pain won't be invoked. You still love the person, and they are forever in your heart and in the fabric of your cells. But pain does not have to be perpetual. Barbara Sarah was my supervisor, and I got too little of her. Elise Lark was my inspiration and Ellen Marshall enabled me to keep going. Doris Blaha was the clock that kept me sharp and the heart that listened. Amber, I had almost no time with, but the time we did have was unique, as she is. They bring different dimensions to the experience that is death and cancer. They enrich the lives of so many women and men and they took my heart, took it out for a spin and left it gently, lovingly intact and beating with more strength. My co interns Myra and Maud (Rosie)were magic incarnate. They are soul mates through time and space.

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