Saturday, October 20, 2012

Social work is a fine thing, but mothers are way better

The options are various but the choice has to be well made and thoughrouly thought out. What do I want to do with the skills I possess. Where will they be put to best use? With whom would I like to work?
Am I open to new experiences or do I want to dig in and continue to flow my dreams? Now has come. Now is the time to choose. I've been to scattered, doing too many things, and it is now time to focus. I have many tasks ahead of me both intra and inter personal. I want to grow inward and outward. I want to create beauty but also for myself. I need this time to not get distracted by all that is going on and all those tugging at my sleeve, but to focus.  Focus on one thing and do it and that is how life slowly will sort itself out.  One never gets over a mother's death! It's as fresh today as a year ago. I miss my mother, I find myself asking her to do something, I talk to her, I dream her presence and she's there as if I was living a parallel life. Well those days come, I go to bed early so we can resume our live...Yes I have a lot of work to do still

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