Thursday, February 02, 2012


Life slowly returns to its routine of pleasant Shabbat afternnons, quietly reading, with no sounds, no reminders, no need to be "active". Connections are being made, interviews, good dinners and a welcoming and non judgemental husband and his family.  I miss, most of all, my mother and our almost daily messenger conversations and her great FB updates. I miss my father by default and intensely my good friends both in Marco and Coimbra, who did more than most of my family put together (exceptions allowed) to keep me together, to help me  get through what is still a very rough patch. To those who were and are there for me (many of you) I will never forget), to the few, maybe 2 or 3 who have belittled and publicly insulted me, it's on your conscience, to attack viciously someone whose mother has just died. May you get a better treatment, because, you do not pay rent in my brain, so I will not indulge you.


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