Saturday, June 04, 2011

social workers as pawns

on memories and social recognition and self acceptance. Honesty and the vague but poignant feeling that all was not not honesty. It never is. The little secrets we all harbor in our souls,disappointments and lost time. what use is it to decry what was never or was beautiful.silly to think that life could have been otherwise. foolish to become bitter and entangled in a web of deception and self deceit. Oh do I know of loves that were never, stars that were crossed, mediocrity lived when they thought the world at their feet. I did too to a point. Life is now, this moment, this feeling of hearing my daughter coming down the stair claiming she's hungry. I'm thinking she's going for the Hagen Daaz. She goes for the chicken. But it's 11:30 and you're having dinner? well we had dinner at 3 in the afternoon so this wold be a Spaniard's version of supper.
Am I a social worker yet? am I?! Does tucking in someone count? Or would Ms.X. be shocked and appalled at the lack of boundaries. Boundaries don't count in the human relation. boundaries are only valid for tasks and jobs and avoidance of malpractice suits. I'll go elsewhere and practice real social work. What is done around here is mostly attempts by the dominant classes to subdue those who would question their legitimacy. Social workers as pawns as it were. That's the title of the book that i will write.

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