Thursday, June 09, 2011

google doodles and life

google doodle's tribute to Les Paul is Awsome! I wish I had the time to spend hours and hours on it. How many million of "productive office work hours were lost on this and how much did this liberate people's psyche, turning them on to their creative side. Oh what a study! Mass psychology of doodling and how it affects productivity! Well, that sounds a bit Marxian, I know it "should be Marxism", but look it up! Anyhow, because of my schedule, at one in the morning last night I saw this and wanted to spend the night playing, but als I was at work and rsearching something work, today here is my recording on Google . Of course others did fantastic playing with it. Listen to PC Magazine's Chris Phillips's rendition of Here Comes the Sun:
New project an art rendition of my genogram. You'll be proud Myra! You are an angel...a beautiful angel that has darknessto be like me and others, but you ARE an angel!

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