Friday, December 23, 2005

Googling our brains

The debate rages on about whether Google is a potentiate for fascism or a great liberating force for humanity. Lest we forget, 2,500 years ago, Epicurus and Leontion his companion, were proclaiming the equality of women and men, yet, looking around us, it would seem to be a new at times degenerate idea. Of course in the world of globalization, ideas spread faster and further. But do they really? Is technology serving humanity for the betterment of its lot, or will it be a faceless, power and money driven force which will serve the likes of me at the cost of the likes of others. Most of humanity awakes daily with hunger in their bellies and fear in their hearts. What will be Google's Whole Brain contribution to the improvement of their condition, I wonder! Is Google really the best medium for query, or has it become the click-in drug much like television. What you are getting is the lowest common denominator. Is that our criterium for the idea of the "Whole Brain". It is superficiality rather than depth. Banalities at the level of office party banter. And it does indeed suit the masses, just like television. Let us hope, though, that it does not crush all the other "real" search engines. We can, however be fairly sure of, if not its goals, its results. The further dulling of the brain. With the twisted dellusion that what we are doing is uplifting and cultural. We are no longer dulling our brains with television, we are googling them with a computer! (to ne continued...)


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