Saturday, December 10, 2005

Leonardo's patent sexism

This Leonardo Da Vinci drawing begs for a lot of questions and one afirmation:

Woman as reproductive system and nothing more?

Did Leonardo ever encounter a female that proved him wrong?

Did he ever think about it?

How did we let this condition persist, year after year, generation after generation, millenia after millenia?

What creatures are men that millenia after millenia they would aquiesce with the subsbervient condition of their wives, their daughter, nieces, granddaughters and soul mates?

Well, we have come some ways...


Blogger Wei Shyong (WS) said...

Hello, first of all, nice blog you have here! Keep up the good work! =) Second, what really caught my eye is that Leonardo, the genius in many things, is actually homosexual. He and women naturally don't go too well together. That's why the sexism perhaps?

1:29 PM  

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