Thursday, December 15, 2005

the war on...SEX

We have had the war on drugs, the war on terrorism and now we have the war on sex. New legislation goes after the pimps and the johns and does what! Take their cars away, give them tickets, in short profits from the very thing it is trying to outlaw. That is pimping in my book.
We at this here blog, with its feminist inclinations are not fond of a world where prostituition and pornography seem to be more popular than ever. We, as a matter of fact were under the delusion than those nasty human habits were gone the way of the dodo, We tried to think that between the surge of feminism and evangelical christianity, porn was remitted to the dark alleys were weirdos roam.
On the contrary, it has resurged in spite or because of...
Is it possible to legislage away undesirable human behavior.
We at this blog, feel the conumdrum of post modern relativist conflict. Sometimes... feel like a nut...and sometimes you don't


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