Monday, January 02, 2006

Having made no other resolution than to find a job, I have started on that adventure.
Still working on the introduction to my book. have decided that I need to focus the theme. I cannot and it makes no sense to have such a broad subject as women and everything. The research is still going on though and ancient history is revealing a very rich field of study. So life is sweet and simple. I doubt it will remain so!
Change is coming in a few days anyway.
Saw an interview with Jesse Ventura. Very interesting man. Kudos to Minnesotians for having elected him!
Tried to watch television. Moronic watch! A show called the Beauty and the Geek. Dumb women paired off with brainy guys. Not some brainy women and men and some beautiful but dumb gals and guys. no! Dumb women and smart guys. Is this for real? Let's perpetuate the stereotype shall we? why do we women play into it? it makes me feel terrible.
It is better to stay away from the idiot box. So I'll be out of synk with the rest of the world. Nothing new there! I'll do my meetings, meditate and talk to my sweetie. That's all the socializing I need for now anyway. At least while I'm on my dole.


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