Sunday, January 29, 2006

quilts as weapons of mass protection

they were just meant
as covers in winter,
as weapons
against pounding january winds...
Teresa P. Acosta
women's daily battles with the life forces manifest themselves in the weapons they generate to face them. Be it quilts or clothing to battle the cold, confection of food to battle illness and malnutrition or the warmth of the body to battle loneliness, we are the daily warriors of life's little inglorious war. Inglorious because for the constant daily wars we wage we are seen as weak or frail or stupid, the inferiors of those superior creators of such glorious achievements as nuclear bombs. Yes, where would we be without them. Yes, men should be proud and have every right to belittle us for our petty worries with every day survival. if only we had the prowess to show that quilts are better than nuclear war heads. maybe they're not.


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