Monday, January 23, 2006

boys will be ...not as good? wow

schools and boys. please someone explain to me how was it that schools functioned well for boys for all times past and all of a sudden boys are being left behind. have schools changed? no, schools have not changed but a lot more boys are attending them. And whereas women have thousands of years in the practice of being told to stay quiet and listen, apparently boys don't like it. Neither do women but hey we haven't had much of a chance at molding the world to fit our every whims and even necessity. Adapt they tell us. No, first they told us that we were too stupid for school, but once in a while one of our most brilliant and richest and luckiest members would get in. then we all got in and guess what. We came, we saw and we conquered. Even at the dreaded math and biology where our female hormones were drowning us out. But now, boys are more brilliant than we are and they need special classes where they can be wild and rowdy. Lets them write thesis runnig around playing mayhem. Oh what else will they come up with. if it isn't the chicken it's the egg. But in neither case are we ever the best or even as good. Articles like the one in Newsweek make me want to weep, to scream and to call them on their B.S.


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