Saturday, January 07, 2006

Running around this maze on the few carefree days of childhood that I remember. It was my Sunday afternoon playground almost 40 years ago. Today it is the midnight “playground” of male prostitutes some little older than children themselves.

As Ariel Sharon lays dying I recall some interview I read where he talked about his love for his farm, for riding around in his tractor for gathering around with friends and family around that dinner table that eventually helped do him in. I guess he did what he thought was right to preserve the rights of his people. Hardly seems different than most other “world leaders”. Was he a zealot? Keeping up with tradition I guess, on both sides it seems.
When I think of crimes against humanity, I look a little over to the Saudi Princes’, Iranian Mullahs' etc's…oppression of women. That, in its systematic, intentional, useless nature, a crime against half of humanity for no other reason except the ones that Virginia Woolf so well evokes in her seminal œuvre “A Room of One’s Own”: to be able to wake up every day thinking that they are better than their sisters, mothers, daughters. It’s pathetically and pathologically sick and twisted and worse because they get away with it . No sanctions, no U.N. brouhaha, just the justification that “they”, men have a right because it’s “their” culture. YUK! Bah phoey!!!!!!!!


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