Monday, August 10, 2009


I’m going on down to Yasgur’s farm I’m going to join in a rock ’n’ roll band — Joni Mitchell, “Woodstock”

The Jewish Forward has an interesting book review about Woodstock and the nice Jewish farmer who made his farm available for the Festival, which took place in Bethel Woods:“Max Said Yes! The Woodstock Story,” (Change the Universe Press), written by Abigail Yasgur and her husband, Joseph Lipner. The value of hachnasat orchim, was exemplified by Max Yasgur, in keeping with the prophet Avraham who was famous for opening up his tent to the four corners of the desert to welcome anyone who might come. The women, did all the work that made such hospitality possible such as cooking, cleaning and fetching water, of course, as I suspect happenend in Woodstock. But that's another story!!

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