Wednesday, August 12, 2009

graft and jobs and connections

Ah! The woes of the unemployed. Worse yet, is getting the interview, informing the prospective employer that you are getting a MSW, and getting about 1/2 a minute of silence on the other side of the line or desk. You have just done one of two things: You have for all practical purposes stated that you will eventually move on or require a higher salary or I suspect most common, you have just made the recruiter feel threatened that you could come to take their job. What one would think would be beneficial to any agency is turning out to be a liability. But I will get a job. If I apply to 5 jobs a day, one or two will come through, I suspect. I hope!
I'm pretty flexible, not making outlandish demands, willing to work on weekends. but alas!
And now I'll go out and do some gardening before the sun becomes too hot on my back. But not before I take a look at the mainstream madia (it is not a typo)!

I believe my real problem is not intelligence or education but lack of meaty governmental connections or a politician for a mother or father. Ssenator Pedro Espada's son, Pedro Espada Jr. sure doesn't seem to have that problem. For someone with a BA in Liberal Arts I suppose his "experience" working for daddy must have weighed heavily when up for consideration. I guess...I assume and I presume...
But then again the example comes from the top, right? This country has become a blueprint for Roman Empire their worst. Read Cicero or Juvenal

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