Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer is here...finally

Summer has arrived and I'm glad it is almost over. The stickiness, the unbearable slap of hot air in the face when you poke your face outside, the bugs..yeck! bring on the snow!!!
Of course there won't be a health care public option! What do people think this is, Denmark?
No, this is American and may the most viciously rabidly pro capitalism and socialism for the rich. Seriously, have we checked who we have surrounding the prez? Yes, we would have gotten a public health plan with Hilary, but hey, that is exactly why Obama was the anointed one. I made a commentary when I read "Dreams from my father" and I still think it rings true today. Obama is for himself and himself alone. he's made it onto the history books, not much else to be done. been there, done that...
I'm still looking for a place where I can do my internship and I might actually have two, but not sure on either of them. Twisted moment in time...
I have a great video of giant tortoises having sex, not sure why except that I have a turtle and find them incredibly cute...

I wonder why there isn't a Whole Foods up here in New Paltz. It sure seems like it would have the clientele! Perhaps the local activists, among whom I count my aunt Judy were able to keep it at bay as they successfully did with Walmart. Check out the "Going Green with Buses and Bikes" video as well as a lot of other info on this beautiful community.

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