Sunday, November 19, 2006

the Ten Commandments of Gossip

The Ten Commandments of Gossip
1. You shall worship anyone who by their gossiping power tries to run and dominate other’s lives 2. You shall inscribe their gossip in stone so its perniciousness is eternal.
3. You shall take everyone’s name in vain, and trash it as much as possible.
4. For gossip you shall and will break the Sabbath.
5. In gossip you shall dishonor your parents, friends, coworkers and anyone that stands within your reach of words.
6. In gossip you murder not only other people’s physical well being, but also their spiritual and intellectual integrity as well your own.
7. In gossip everyone, everywhere is constantly committing adultery, the degree of damage in the relation in direct proportion to the viciousness of the rumor.
8. In gossip everyone is a thief.
9. Perjury is another name for gossip and it is constantly practiced.
10. Gossip stems from coveting, so gossip, gossip, gossip and covet, covet, covet.
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