Tuesday, May 15, 2007

tid bits from May

It looks like this is starting to be a once a month activity. But I do have a few interesting tidbits that I think are blogworthy. I just read that Jerry Falwell. The usual eulogies.... blah blah blah. A dead man is always nice, brides are always beautigul and babies are always cute so it is said. The head of the some Atheist organization sure broke with that convention. I find it mean spirited, but maybe I'm wrong. The man died less than 12 hours ago! Here it is in full:

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists "Jerry Falwell was instrumental in galvanizing millions of American evangelicals into an intolerant, sectarian and authoritarian political movement. Gays, women, secularists, civil-libertarians and other groups who did not fit into his plan to construct 'One Nation Under God' were stigmatized and attacked. Civil liberties were in jeopardy."

An internet umbrella: maybe now, London or Seattle become more attractive as residence options!

Frm Rebecca's Pocket this great bit of information for researchers out there and people who just don't want to simply rely solely on Google:

Online Education Database; some sites are free, some are not. It is worth checking it out.

Gotta go. Will try to be more assiduous with this posting. But so many competing attractions and so little time. I sleep too little as it is. How I wish I could just get it together to not have to keep my menail job!!

Oh well!!! Denver is still beautiful!

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