Friday, April 20, 2007

little tid bits (but big)

Anti-semitism today.
I cannot put this up too many times. The caption says (Don't worry, it only has a few leaves)

Qwerky and interesting diagrams of interconnectivity. World countries, American states and the most interesting the Bible.

What's going on with NASA? First an astronaut goes haywire and travels cross country to have it out with a colleague, over another colleague, now someone barricades themselves in a building and kills a hostage??? No. really, the most respected and revered agency this country probably had just lost its bearings. Not enough challenges? Too much slack? Not enough profiling? What's up with that. I loooked to NASA and thought, those are indeed the people with the "Right Stuff". Now!

Just another instituition in crisis. Ah the good old days!!

I am trying to find Twitter interesting but I don't really get it!! Meanwhile I'll keep posting.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's been a long time

it's been a long time coming

But it appears...

Joshua Bell playing a Stadivari at the L'Enfant Plaza metro station and the reaction to it. What a spetacular piece written by Gene Weingarten of the WasPost and promoted by the same. I sadly remember this station and even more sadly remember the sight of men in expensive suits having their shoes shined by some blond at their feet. I now have a name for the woman I so sadly felt for. I at the time, remember calling my best friend and now husband completely disgusted by the sight. It is no surprise that the neither the shoe shiner nor the soe shinees would notice brilliant music.

I do not pay that much attention to Washington politics but this picture for its uniqueness struck me as that of one courageous woman who is not afraid to put her acts where her mouth is. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for your courage in not putting on a head scarf, wearing a pants suit and sitting in a seat no woman has ever sat in before. You will forever have my admiration. All of this in Saudi Arabia, that wahabi bastion of retrogade and sexist politics. Where women are not allowed to a driver's licence much less the right to vote. And this dynasty is considered the West's allies. HUGH!!
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