Sunday, January 29, 2006

quilts as weapons of mass protection

they were just meant
as covers in winter,
as weapons
against pounding january winds...
Teresa P. Acosta
women's daily battles with the life forces manifest themselves in the weapons they generate to face them. Be it quilts or clothing to battle the cold, confection of food to battle illness and malnutrition or the warmth of the body to battle loneliness, we are the daily warriors of life's little inglorious war. Inglorious because for the constant daily wars we wage we are seen as weak or frail or stupid, the inferiors of those superior creators of such glorious achievements as nuclear bombs. Yes, where would we be without them. Yes, men should be proud and have every right to belittle us for our petty worries with every day survival. if only we had the prowess to show that quilts are better than nuclear war heads. maybe they're not.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

my genes are spread all over this picture. wow...i still have property the future and beyond...

Monday, January 23, 2006

boys will be ...not as good? wow

schools and boys. please someone explain to me how was it that schools functioned well for boys for all times past and all of a sudden boys are being left behind. have schools changed? no, schools have not changed but a lot more boys are attending them. And whereas women have thousands of years in the practice of being told to stay quiet and listen, apparently boys don't like it. Neither do women but hey we haven't had much of a chance at molding the world to fit our every whims and even necessity. Adapt they tell us. No, first they told us that we were too stupid for school, but once in a while one of our most brilliant and richest and luckiest members would get in. then we all got in and guess what. We came, we saw and we conquered. Even at the dreaded math and biology where our female hormones were drowning us out. But now, boys are more brilliant than we are and they need special classes where they can be wild and rowdy. Lets them write thesis runnig around playing mayhem. Oh what else will they come up with. if it isn't the chicken it's the egg. But in neither case are we ever the best or even as good. Articles like the one in Newsweek make me want to weep, to scream and to call them on their B.S.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I am my father's daughter and my child's mother.

It is in this continuity that i find some solace for the absurdity of life.

The distance that separates us is palpable in all the moments of my life, and a connection, invisible and indivisable is there across distance and time.

It is in the smile we share as well as our minds.

the times they are changin...

this is the man of the night as that far away reality still somewhat affects me. Whether you like the man or not or whether you can stand his politics the truth is that maybe what he did as prime minister he can do as president. Or is he an expert on being in the right place at the right time and being able to simple ride the favorable wave. either way he is about to become the new president of my country of origin that little rectangle in the western most part of Europe. oh well it doesn't really matter who is getting the monthly check, now does it?

Monday, January 16, 2006

a meditation

As night sets in the park, I meditate on what has brought me here. Weaving through the tapestry that has been my life I come in and out of the country, and finally settle in this most majestic of states. It will be my serene decision to lay down my arms and rest, while fighting yet another battle. Will I be able to end my days in the alpine valleys of long held fantasies from when I read Heidi? Can I prosper and thrive in the mountains of my dreams and of my yearning? I can make it. Denver is but a stepping stone to those villages that I not see but only imagine. Alpine meadows beacon me. Meanwhile the snow keeps falling in the city, and I take the time to search for self and work. no hurry for now. All that will come soon enough.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

a million big sales...

I smell a rat. James Frey, of "A Million Little Pieces" fame has just published a new book. And so after three wildly successful years of sales, it just so happens that "the Smoking Gun", owned by Time Warner, the same company that owns the Larry King Show that interviewed Mr. Frey, came out with a investigative piece about the claims Mr. Frey makes in the book. I haven't read the whole book, because, quite frankly, I find it quite boring, but of what i read, a lot left me highly suspicious of its veracity. So, what better way to get some free promotion than to stir up a supposed controversy over the various claims made in the books. Who does this controversy serve. and what does it matter. he claims in his books that he is a criminal and an addict and a liar. this smells like a rat the size of a house to me. After all who was it that said that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

My bike and I

good food, exercise and a sharp mind are not the tickets but they help.

The men in Washington, so far away do their thing and I, of woman born, think that once again they have stepped up their crusade to take away the few rights I have gained in the last generation. I still remeber a time where in my country of origin, women did not go out in the street, much less hung out in cafes. I am still of a time where women did not vote. I am still of the time where the good that was the Catholic faith was manifest in its liberation theology. How far those catholic supreme court judges have come from that. This Alito guy represents everything that the movement was against. Although he seems like a decent human being. And that's pretty important I suppose.


art and inner peace

city park before sunset.

in a moment of crisis taking refuge in beauty and the wise words of elders is the only option that makes any sense. a salvation in art so to speak.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the banalities of days

I'm starting to have fun with my Holidays toy.
Life doesn't get easier and dilemmas just pile up. too much or too little sugar in my blood and menopause is still far off but creeping in slowly.
Today I read too little and talked too much.
My sweetie awaits me so I'll keep the comments short. No snow no rain, just blue skies day after day...Snow capped mountains in the distance beckon me but I'm still not ready to go.
I'll be ready when the time comes. maybe a few days up in the clouds would do me good.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday at the Front Range and all is good. The weather is nice, the politicians are crooked and religion wants to save my soul. I for one, am content in my little corner, day dreaming and reading of far off lands and their far off people.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Running around this maze on the few carefree days of childhood that I remember. It was my Sunday afternoon playground almost 40 years ago. Today it is the midnight “playground” of male prostitutes some little older than children themselves.

As Ariel Sharon lays dying I recall some interview I read where he talked about his love for his farm, for riding around in his tractor for gathering around with friends and family around that dinner table that eventually helped do him in. I guess he did what he thought was right to preserve the rights of his people. Hardly seems different than most other “world leaders”. Was he a zealot? Keeping up with tradition I guess, on both sides it seems.
When I think of crimes against humanity, I look a little over to the Saudi Princes’, Iranian Mullahs' etc's…oppression of women. That, in its systematic, intentional, useless nature, a crime against half of humanity for no other reason except the ones that Virginia Woolf so well evokes in her seminal œuvre “A Room of One’s Own”: to be able to wake up every day thinking that they are better than their sisters, mothers, daughters. It’s pathetically and pathologically sick and twisted and worse because they get away with it . No sanctions, no U.N. brouhaha, just the justification that “they”, men have a right because it’s “their” culture. YUK! Bah phoey!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Having made no other resolution than to find a job, I have started on that adventure.
Still working on the introduction to my book. have decided that I need to focus the theme. I cannot and it makes no sense to have such a broad subject as women and everything. The research is still going on though and ancient history is revealing a very rich field of study. So life is sweet and simple. I doubt it will remain so!
Change is coming in a few days anyway.
Saw an interview with Jesse Ventura. Very interesting man. Kudos to Minnesotians for having elected him!
Tried to watch television. Moronic watch! A show called the Beauty and the Geek. Dumb women paired off with brainy guys. Not some brainy women and men and some beautiful but dumb gals and guys. no! Dumb women and smart guys. Is this for real? Let's perpetuate the stereotype shall we? why do we women play into it? it makes me feel terrible.
It is better to stay away from the idiot box. So I'll be out of synk with the rest of the world. Nothing new there! I'll do my meetings, meditate and talk to my sweetie. That's all the socializing I need for now anyway. At least while I'm on my dole.
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