Friday, August 21, 2009

morning potpourri

The Golden Institute was a center for energy efficiency research created with limitless funds by Jimmy Carter and dismantled by the walking cowboy advertisement for "free market" capitalism and succeeding president Reagan. Would we be more energy self sufficient? I believe so!

Health care: Call the White House at 202-456-1111 or email them at:
What else can I say: Call them and tell them that they have already done too many deals,shady and secretive ones with the big health companies, tell them to get a back bone, to actually go through with the commitments they made when asking us to go campaigning door to door, like I did in Pennsylvania. How stupid was I? Very!!And as usual my husband nailed it on the head...But I'll go into that some other time.

Some credit card consumer protection kicked in yesterday, which was the day that I decided to take a pair of scissors to all but my Nordstrom card. They have been consistent, transparent and never attempted any of the chicanery some of the other ones did.They have great clothes, great service and my daughter loves it. I know they make a lot of money and what kind of interest fees they have, but I've always known, I chose to sign up, stuck to my side of the deal and they to theirs. Is that simple or what? Macy's. Walmart, Sears. Newport News, Victoria's Secret, Chase etc...bye bye. I will pay them what I owe to the last cent but they will never get one more cent out of me. There, I've done my bit!
So have I sold out my feminism or I just like dressing up a little bit? I think that a little vanity doesn't hurt anyone. After all there is a big difference between my concept of dressing up and being a fashion slave walking around with the XXI century version of bound feet, extreme heels.

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